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Simple steps to avoid back pain

Simple steps to avoid back pain

Common back pain is more painful than just a pain as it doesn't let us to work or participate in our daily routine or the things you enjoy.

Here are some measures to avoid back pain or prevent from its cause.

Be cautious

Back pain can cause by any root or work routine. Even when you are in your 20s or 50s, the disc can get change with your spine. if you follow the poor routine of lifting technique. it can give rise to back pain root. the thinking towards that we can lift more than our capacity or our own weight. so don't try to attempt activities that are beyond your capacities.

Keep sleep position right

Sleeping in some positions actually puts lots of pressure on your neck, lower back, hips, and even your heels. as per the studies we don't sleep properly and thus lead to back pain. Never sleep on your tummy. this is the worst form of sleeping position, it flattens the curve of the lower back. likewise, you face towards the pillow and leading to rotating your neck causing frozen shoulder or neck.

If you are addicted to opposite sleeping then consider placing a pillow towards your lower abdomen and hip to keep it aligned. the right is always sleeping on the back which will keep your back aligned. if you want to get recover from this issue then must try to place a soft towel rolled up position under your knees to facilitate the curve once again.

Exercise in a proper way

People who are active enough must have less back pain as compared to lazy people. when you sit for long, you put continuous pressure on the back disc and spine. Don't carry much weight frequently. even when you have excessive weight can carry back pain soon.

A proper exercise routine can build up the core strength can have a direct impact on the back which supports your spine. it works on muscle to keep it upright. in exercise, aerobic helps a lot to maintain or prevent you from any pain right from the back to any joints.

keep proper posture

Posture decides your personality and gesture decides the pain. sometimes, people may have improper sitting posture, crossed legs lifestyle, or slouched over that leads to back pain. in fact, be decent with your posture and cool enough while sitting in any position.

“Always place your feet on the floor, your hips and knees straight, or your knees towards up. Avoid slouching or bending forward and don't put much pressure while sitting on a chair. sit straight and stand appropriately holding up a straight line.

What it all comes down to is maintaining your health prefer considering prevention rather than treating. “Stay healthy, sit properly eat right and sleep well to avoid any pain related to your back.


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